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Moroccan cuisine is renowned for its delectable and diverse dishes, according to the British blog Worldsim Travel. Visitors will be able to enjoy a unique culinary experience in the kingdom. Marrakech, Fez, Agadir, and Rabat are some of the most tempting culinary destinations. According to “La Liste,” there are more than 15 Moroccan restaurants among the 1000 best restaurants worldwide. Discover the best Moroccan culinary delights : Mint tea, Tajine, Couscous, and Pastilla await for you!

The seasonings in each recipe are unique, and they bring out their own flavors and colors.

Moroccan starters

Moroccan starters are usually served as an accompaniment to main dishes at the beginning of meals. Moroccan dishes vary from region to region, but generally consist of a Moroccan salad made with raw or cooked vegetables, Briouates stuffed with chicken or minced meat, a ratatouille of peppers and tomatoes called Tektouta, and the famous Zaâlouk, prepared with eggplant puree.


Tajine is one of Morocco's most popular dishes. Featuring a very distinctive cooking method and many variations, this dish never ceases to delight the most demanding gourmets! Often, fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, nuts, plums, apricots, and other foods are steamed in spices to enhance their taste.


Served in puff pastry form, the pill may be filled with fish, chicken, pigeon, or almonds. Sweet and savory lovers will enjoy this light and subtle pastry.


R'fissa, also known as Trid, originates in Casablanca. This dish is deeply rooted in Moroccan culture. The dish is made with Moroccan flaky pancakes or msemmens, chicken with onion broth, coriander, ras el hanout, lentils, and fenugreek. It is rich in flavor and beautifully aromatic.


In terms of all pastries that come from Maghreb and oriental cuisine, these delights are the best. In your own, you will find ones in pastries, and also in small shops in the medinas. Sesame seeds add extra flavor to these almond-semolina cookies.

Fruit juice

There are many small stalls selling fresh juices on the Jemaa-El-Fena square in Marrakech, which you can customize according to your tastes! One can find more than twenty horse-drawn carriages selling fruit juices, water, and sodas in this magical place.


Morocco's signature dish, couscous, comes from the Amazigh tradition! Traditionally served on Fridays, this super versatile and convivial dish is found in all homes and restaurants. Depending on the region, it may be served with meat, vegetables, fish or chicken, and sometimes sweets. To enhance its flavors, it is often served with a vegetable broth called "marqa."

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